UPDATE September13, 2021

We have received an influx of messages, emails and phone calls inquiring about BC's vaccine passport and what that means for TWP.
Effective Monday, September 13th proof of one dose is required upon entry. Effective October 24th two doses will be required upon entry.
With your consent we are able to verify your MINDBODY account with us to avoid future asks of immunization record when entering TWP.
Currently, you are able to remove your mask when distanced while training in our gym areas as well as in classes! As things are ever changing, please keep an eye on our social media channels & our branded app 'TWP Fitness' for quick and current updates if capacity should change or we are able to integrate high intensity classes back into our schedule.
In saying this, we are able to adjust your current monthly membership to our online rate, if TWP ON DEMAND is an option that works best for you currently given this BC mandate.
For other options, please call or email us.
Lastly, this pandemic has been so challenging for everyone, in our own individual & complex ways. We can assure you that we are continuously prioritizing showing up for you and all of your wellness needs in the best way we can given the current circumstances.
We choose to breathe and be kind to ourselves, as that encourages us to be genuinely kind to others. We choose to find joy and celebrate each day (even if it's just the small parts). We choose to be open to the complexity and wide range of perspectives at play and participate in being part of the solution as we all navigate through this pandemic together.
It saddens us immensely that this new government mandate hinders one of our deep rooted core values of inclusivity and we recognize that because of this mandate some members will be unable to join us within our facility until once again restrictions change. We want you to know that we are committed to show up for you in any way we can for the time being.
Please utilize our TWP On Demand so we can train and move with you from home, reach out to us for workout ideas and let's keep connecting until this pandemic subsides.
Encouraging you to keep in mind that our incredible team that greets you with a warm welcome when you enter our space are just doing their job and that we are executing what needs to be done in order to keep our doors open for you to move, and to employ our amazing instructing and training team. That we are a family owned and operated small business just like many in our community that are excited for the day we can connect with you once again without restrictions and mandates. This is what we feel will fast track this process.
Remember that movement, rest and fuel are key to keeping that immune system and emotional wellness going strong.
As usual, please reach out if you have any questions. We got this.
All the love and sweat,