Personal Training Plans & Packages

5 Personal Training Session Package

$375 ($75/session)

There is no better way to stay true to your exercise program than to be accountable to your fitness trainer.

This package is optimal for a Personal Trainer to design a personal fitness program that is uniquely yours. This package is ideal for:

  • new exercisers who will benefit from a program designed to educate, motivate and track success
  • experienced fitness participants, able to train independently and follow exercise prescriptions
  • anyone seeking to improve athletic performance with sport specific training guidelines
  • members looking to add new direction, spice up their workouts and/or enhance their present training regime

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10 Personal Training Session Packages

Multiple session packages offer members on-going Trainer support and fitness program development to achieve your program goals. Members also benefit from purchasing multiple sessions at discounted rates.

Multiple personal training session packages are great for:

  • Exercise adherence...stay motivated and focused on your fitness program and goals
  • Continual support, guidance and feedback on your training progress
  • Developing a positive client/trainer relationship enhancing long-term success
10 Sessions $720 $72/session

Payment Plans for Personal Training Available!

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Single Personal Training


Single sessions are only for...

  • A program check-up of current personal training clients
  • Experienced fitness participants seeking guidance on specific fitness training areas
  • Anyone requiring a professional fitness consultation on their program goal

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Kinesiology & Rehabilitation Services

TWP also provides Kinesiology Services. Kinesiology is the study of movement, performace and function, and Kinesiologists can design and implement programs to maintain, rehabilitate or enhace these aspects in all areas of life, as well as conduct a variety of fitness and movement assesments. Please contact us for more information on these services.