New Members What you need to know about Membership at TWP Fitness

What you need to know About Membership

New to the whole gym thing? No problem, we're here to help make your gym experience a great one!  To help you make the most of your membership at TWP Fitness, we have designed this "Getting Started" page just for you:


All members and guests are required to check-in at the front desk when they arrive, and must have clean indoor workout shoes with them. 

What to Wear

We suggest that you wear comfortable exercise clothing that does not restrict your movement, or cause you to overheat while exercising.


Clean, indoor, athletic shoes must be worn at all times (Yoga/Pilates/Barre classes exempt) while exercising at TWP Fitness. Absolutely no bare feet, sock feet or sandals will be permitted when using the cardio room or weight rooms.

Workout Towel

We advise you bring a workout towel for use during a class or your own workout.  We provide anti-bacterial spray and a towel for you to wipe down your equipment once you are finished.

Locker Room

We provide all of our members with 2 options for the use of lockers:

Locker Rentals
For as little as $8 a month, you can rent your own locker and have your personal items ready and waiting for you at TWP!

Day Use Lockers
We have a number of complimentary lockers reserved for members to use when they are in the facility. We simply trade you your car keys or swipe tag for a locker key, then trade again on the way out!

Free Parking

During peak hours, the parking lot can be a busy place. If you are having trouble finding a place to park, please park on Kirschner Road instead.  In consideration of our neighbouring businesses, we ask that our members do not park directly in front of their businesses.

Cardio Room

Our cardio room is equipped with several TVs.  Remotes are availble and earphones can be borrowed when we have them available.  We have over 30 pieces of cardio equipment so waits for equipment are rare but please limit yourself to 30 minutes if there is someone waiting to use the piece of equipment you are on.

Group Fitness Classes

At TWP we are proud to host an extensive and diverse group fitness program. Our class formats are designed to accommodate all fitness levels, goals and interests. Our dynamic team of certified instructors have the expertise and experience to lead fun, effective and safe workout classes for all levels of participants. From cardio-based classes, to strength and mind/body programs, the TWP group fitness schedule has something for everyone!

New Member Orientation Program

With your new membership, you can sign up for a one-hour orientation with a Certified Personal Trainer. During this hour, the trainer will take you through the gym and give you an exercise program to help you reach your goals. The exercise program will address the 3 components of physical fitness: cardio, strength, and flexibility. The trainer will teach you the exercises and stretches in a one-on-one setting to ensure that you have correct form and to be able to offer modifications as needed. The goal of the orientation is that you will feel comfortable and confident in the cardio and the weight room and learn technique cues that you can even apply in your group fitness classes!


If you have any questions or concerns, please call us directly at (250) 762-7255 or contact any of the TWP staff team on our Contact page.




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