TWP's Favourite Full Body Exercise!

Hey Team! Finally, the Sun is shinning in the beautiful Okanagan, just in time for Spring Break! We’ve had a few members ask us what our favourite Full Body exercise is. Now although they're SO many, we thought we’d share ONE of our favourites with everyone!

Here at TWP Fitness Inc. we sure love our squats. But how about adding a simple movement to engage the entire body for a great functional strength exercise. The squat thruster!


Grab two dumbbells with a comfortable amount of weight, take a wide stance (feet hip distance apart), with your spin straight, lifted chest, knees behind toes, lower into squat position by bending the knees and keeping the elbows bent and dumbbells at shoulder height. As you come up from the squat push the dumbbells over your head extending your arms into a should press, then come back down to starting position. Repeat, and you got yourself a great full body exercise!



Squat Thruster

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