Summer Sweat & Sunshine

Hey Team! Can you believe it’s May already!? Where does the time go? It may be May already but it’s our favourite time to workout here at TWP Fitness. The sun is shinning but we’re still not quite in that scorching Okanagan heat which makes it the perfect temperature to come get your sweat on! We absolutely love having those bay doors wide open with that cool, spring breeze flowing through the gym!

As we head into those hotter Kelowna months, we thought we give a few tips so that everyone has a fun, safe Summer here at TWP!Outdoor Bootcamp

This first tip may be obvious but it is one of the most IMPORTANT; water, water, water… Staying hydrated is so important throughout the Summer, especially while working out! Our body temperature elevates faster when we exercise in the heat and a GREAT way to stay cool is by drinking water! Make sure you get enough water before coming in for your workout, during, and after!

You ladies work your butts off on a daily basis here at TWP! With the Summer heat soon to arrive, overexertion can be an issue. If your feeling light headed, dizzy, or something feels just a little off during your workouts, don’t be afraid to step away and take a rest. Workouts are for feeling good mentally and physically but sometimes we all need to ease off when something doesn’t feel right!

Maintain your energy levels by having a quick snack before or after your workouts. Whether it's bringing something from home or stopping at our Hangry Station, having fuel for your body to burn off during your summer workouts is important!

And MOST importantly have a fun and safe Summer 2017 in the beautiful Okanagan and we can’t wait to help you with whatever your fitness journey is! 

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