Nutrition Bites - Ask the Nutritionist

Nutrition Bites - Ask the Nutritionist

By Krista Goncalves, BSc., CHN, RNC

Q: Krista, you always talk about “nutrient density”. What does this mean?

A: Yes, I do talk about that a lot and that’s a great question because I want everyone to keep this information in mind when making their food and meal choices.

Nutrient density as I tend to use it as nutrition professional means those foods that provide substantial amounts of vitamins & minerals (or other nutritional value) and relatively few calories. Fruits and vegetables are the most obvious foods that are most nutrient or nutritionally-dense, whereas products containing added sugars, processed cereals, and alcohol are not!

Other foods that are nutritionally dense are usually anything we refer to as “superfoods”, including some of my faves like chia, hemp, flax and coconut!  Did you taste those Coconut Chips from BE Coconut we were sampling?

Basically, try to get more bang for your nutritional buck, and spend your calories wisely.

For example, if you’re going to drink a 300 calorie smoothie for breakfast, make sure it’s not just fruit juice and a scoop of protein powder. Pack in as much nutrition as you can for that amount of calories. Choose ingredients like low-cal almond milk, coconut water, 0% greek yogurt, whole fruit & green veggies (frozen is best if you like a thicker texture), high quality whey protein (no sugar added) and a small portion of good fats like those super-seeds I so adore -- hemp, chia & ground flax or their unrefined oils.

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For a DIY nutrient-dense recipe made with the cruciferous veggie superstar: cauliflower – be sure to try out TWP Member Dawn’s recipe for Chinese Fried 'Rice'

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