Group Fitness Instructors

Hi Future TWP Team-mates! 

Are you interested in teaching Group Fitness Classes @ TWP? Well fortunately for you, we are always looking for awesome, motivated individuals to join our team!

Our Group Fitness Schedule provides our members with a variety of 50+ classes, 7 days a week! We design our schedule with more cardio dense days between more strength based days, in hopes to educate our members on the importance of not over training. 

We pride ourselves on providing a schedule that caters to all ages and fitness levels. This means, providing several movement options in classes for each exercise.

We are looking for people who have great energy and the ability to motivate all types of people, from beginners to hard core fitness enthusiasts. You will find them all under our roof!

To apply, we require Fitness Theory, Weight Training and Group Fitness certifications through CFES, BCRPA or an equivalent of these programs to Instruct at TWP!

Please always pop in to say hello, try out one of our classes to see if your core values align with ours, and/or e-mail your resume to!

We are so looking forward to meeting you!

Personal Trainers

Are you looking to train one-on-one clients @ TWP?


We have a extremely qualified team of Certified Personal Trainers at TWP, all fascinated by movememt, and the uniqueness of each client!

As part of a fun, and likeminded community dedicated to a balanced and healthy lifestyle, we focus as trainers, on providing tailored programs that best suit each individuals needs! 

Our goal is to empower our clients to achieve their fitness goals, while focusing on the importance of finding habits that are sustainable! 

To apply, we require Fitness Theory, Weight Training, Group Fitness and Personal Training Certifications through CFES, BCRPA or the equivalent of!

Please pop in to say hello to Taylor and the team, or email her your resume @ if you are interested in discussing PT opportunities at TWP Fitness!