Holistic Nutrition

What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic Nutrition is a unique and growing field in the health industry that is becoming more popular each year. Holistic Nutrition recognizes that every person is biochemically unique and there is never a one size fits all approach. It focuses on the body as a whole and encompasses body, mind and spirit in the healing process. Our body works synergistically with our mind and spirit, and it is imperative that we consider all three areas. Over the years we have strayed father and farther from natural approaches to wellbeing, and have been relying more and more on the pharmaceutical industry to fix our health problems.

 Our society has been taught to trust food manufacturers who market supposedly health promoting artificial foods. We have trusted them over the years, and now more than ever we are getting increasingly overweight, obese and sick with a plethora of illnesses including cancer. Breakfast cereals are loaded with sugar, canned soups and packed dinners are loaded with sodium, and even our fruits and vegetables are being genetically modified and sprayed with harmful chemicals. So how do we fix this problem? Knowledge is power, and understanding holistic nutrition is a great start!

 Whole foods is the basis for nutrients, and this can be broken down further into the categories of natural, alive and good quality. This is essentially the core of holistic nutrition and focusing on this as the foundation to our food choices will affect the degree of wellness we experience in our daily lives. Promoting the foundation of health through simple nutritional needs allows the body to come back into balance, and experience a greater degree of wellness.

 As a holistic nutritionist, I will help you discover areas where your body is out of balance, and through whole foods, natural supplementation and lifestyle recommendations, help you bring these areas back into harmony with each other. One of the best things about holistic nutrition is that it really becomes a journey to finding total health. It’s a process that will ebb and flow along the way. My job is to be your tour guide along the way and help you discover how great your body is meant to feel.  


“The road to better health will not be found through

more drugs, doctors and hospitals. Instead it will be

discovered through better nutrition and changes in lifestyle”

                    - William Crook, MD

Meet Amanda

Amanda grew up in London, Ontario and headed out for a new adventure on the East Coast, where her family is originally from to attend Dalhousie University in 2009. Amanda earned both a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Management at Dalhousie before moving to Kelowna with the promise of sunny skies and warmer weather! Being from the Maritimes, Amanda is no stranger to comfort foods, sweets and cold beer, but became fascinated with the harsh reality of how these foods truly affect not only our health but also quality of life.  Eager to learn all she could about the conflicting world of nutrition, Amanda enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition earning her Registered Holistic Nutrition Diploma and has a wealth of knowledge to spread about healthy eating and living. 

“I use to be completely addicted to sugary treats and thought it was just part of who I was, but now I understand how to control my sugar dragon and feel better than ever!” 

Amanda believes in living a well balanced lifestyle, not pressuring yourself with harsh restrictions, and truly enjoying the food you eat! 

Packages and Pricing

In this 90 minute Session you will discover which of your bodies systems are most out of balance, and what dietary and lifestyle changes can be made to help bring your body back to optimal health.
In this series of sessions you will set specific, measurable goals that will help you achieve your wellness goals, increase your energy levels and have you feeling better than ever before. With the support and accountability from Amanda, you will learn ways to create new habits that will keep you on track long after willpower runs dry!
If you're feeling overwhelmed with the new dietary guidelines, a customized meal plan can be a helpful way to get started. Amanda will create a 7-day plan customized to your needs, taking the guess work out of planning for your new eating style.
Need additional support to keep you on tract? No problem! Book individual sessions after your and Amanda's introduction, or 'Eat Well Series' to help keep you accountable to your goals!

Intro to Holistic Nutrition

$ 95

1 x 90min session

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Eat Well Series

$ 180

3 x 1hr sessions

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Customized Meal Plan

$ 40

(1 week plan)

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Additional Follow Up

$ 70

1 x 1hr session

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