What Women Are Saying About TWP Fitness

TWP Fitness is not your usual gym experience. The energy is positive and uplifting and the staff know you by name. You're always greeted with a warm hello- and even in your workouts the staff are there to give you a little boost of confidence. You're part of their tribe and not just another member!

If you're looking for a place that always keeps things fresh- you found it! They have excellent and challenging programs for all levels. I've participated in a number of programs and my bod is totally grateful for it.

Finally, let's talk ownership. The Kolar's and Munro's take great pride in their fitness palace. You'll find them broom in hand mid push up, I swear. They keep the facility clean and always ensure members are well taken care of! They join up with charities in the community and support other local businesses. Okay, I'm almost done gushing, but finally, they truly make sure that members get advice to achieve their fitness goals. They hold countless seminars, talks and workshops to help facilitate an overall health. I mean, what more can you ask for?

If you're looking for an all encompassing fitness experience where you're not just a swipe tag- then TWP is your new gym!

Jess T

The versatility and variety of programs and group fitness classes available at TWP Fitness are the reasons I chose to become a member. However, it's the way the staff and my fellow members embody healthy living that keeps me coming back. The motivation and inspiration are contagious!

Kristi C

I originally joined TWP as I was looking for a new place to workout, and I was attracted by all of the classes that were offered. What I didn't realize was how much fun it is to go! I have made many friends and look forward to seeing them each time I'm there. All of the staff are welcoming and extremely helpful. Exercise is not a chore at TWP, it's a social event!

Barbara R

I have been a member of TWP for approx 18 yrs. When I first joined, I was new to the Kelowna, raising three young girls and in school fulltime. Over the years, I have not only valued my early morning workouts, but have developed life time friendships. TWP staff goes above and beyond to help you achieve your personal goals. TWP has not only been “my gym” but also my three daughters’ gym and more recently my grandchildren’s (daycare).

Barb C

I have been a loyal member of TWP Fitness for the past 6 years and I have always been impressed with their exceptional customer service. The group fitness schedule is excellent and has a variety of great classes for all levels. The instructors are amazing and very knowledgeable - they know just how to motivate us to attain our fitness goals and push us to the next level. The new facility is gorgeous; it’s really bright and airy and the equipment, group fitness room and locker room are always clean and well maintained.
I really appreciate how TWP offers a wide variety of services to their members – things like personal training, nutrition seminars, outdoor boot camps, child minding, spa services, an infrared sauna and even a smoothie bar! What I feel makes the biggest difference between TWP Fitness and other local gyms is that the staff have a genuine care and interest in ensuring that their members are successful on their path to health and fitness. They are constantly looking for ways to improve and make their facility the best in town – and it really shows! Regardless of if you are just starting out, or you have been coming for to TWP for years they make you feel very welcome and provide a positive and healthy environment for you to get your sweat on!

Roxane B

Personal Trainer Testimonials

I have been training with Ashley since February of 2014. She makes every workout challenging, fun and tailored to my specific needs. Ashley always offers an even balance of cardio, weight training and core exercises that keeps me on my toes! In the past year I have noticed that I am stronger, more flexible and have greater endurance. This is a direct result from training with Ashley. Ashley’s focused yet fun attitude pushes me to my limits!

Corrine P

I came to Sarah (Madeley) with a sore back, sagging spirits and a strong determination for change. I have not looked back. Sarah was able to immediately pick up on the bad habits I had developed over several years of desk work to compensate for my back pain. She focused on assessing my movements from every angle and I soon realized that she is genuinely concerned with helping improve the overall quality of my life! She put together a functional training program consisting of mobility, strength and endurance exercises that helps improve my posture, strengthens my back and encourages me to focus on my natural strengths. Each workout is different and she cheers me on every step of the way! My therapist noted a great improvement after only four weeks of training and went out of his way to thank her personally! Sarah has a genuine, caring soul and wants what is best for you in your circumstances…Thank you, Sarah, I will benefit from my time with you for the rest of my life.

Sandi C

Manda is a dedicated fitness professional who shares her love of fitness and healthy living with all of her clients. She creates challenging and fun workouts that will keep you interested and breathless. I have worked with her for just over a year and she has been an integral part of my 65+lbs weight loss journey. She is an enthusiastic coach with a lot of positive energy. Manda won’t tell you it’s easy, she’ll tell you it’s worth it.

Debbie B